Helix AI Playground: Experience ChatGPT, Trained on Your Data

Create a GPT4-powered support bot that is both production-ready and accurate, and reliable, ensuring that your community receives the best possible support experience.

Helix AI Playground: Experience ChatGPT, Trained on Your Data

While numerous support bot demos are available, most fall short when it comes to meeting the requirements of production environments. In these environments, there's low tolerance for inaccurate or misleading responses. Unfortunately, many chatbot models based on plain vanilla ChatGPT often make up answers and possess limited capabilities.

The need for a production-ready AI support solution

In response to this challenge, we set out to create a support bot that is not only production-ready but also accurate and reliable, ensuring that your community receives the best possible support experience.

Introducing Helix AI in a Playground

First of all, users love Helix AI. Some of our early customers have become a fan of Helix AI; see it for yourself.

So, we want to make it available to others as well. Try before you buy, right?

With Helix Playground, you can quickly experience the benefits of a reliable and accurate Helix AI support platform tailored to your community's needs. Here is a quick video that shows what it can do:

Helix AI playground demo

What’s different about Helix AI?

Custom-made for communities on Discord and Telegram

Helix AI bot is designed for contemporary teams with active communities on Discord and Telegram platforms. The Helix AI bot does not make things up, unlike other AI bots. It only answers if it can find the information in your documents, ensuring it doesn't pollute the feed or mislead your users with incorrect information.

Accurate and context-aware responses

By learning from your documentation and community interactions, the Helix AI bot provides accurate and context-aware answers to user questions. It maintains the context of conversations, allowing users to ask follow-up questions and receive consistent, relevant information.

Advanced capabilities for seamless integration

Helix AI consistently benchmarks its performance against cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that it remains the best solution available:

  • Helix AI bot can read screenshots developers share and respond accordingly (currently available in Discord integration).
  • Helix AI bot employs custom agents that handle specific tasks for your support workflow, such as querying transaction status via an API.
  • Optimal Retrieval: We go beyond what's generally available, i.e., similarity search. We employ an ensemble of vector retrieval methods to find the highest-quality answer to a question.
  • Reference URLs in answers: To improve the credibility of the answers, Helix AI provides links to trusted external references and sources for the information.
  • User feedback registration: Users can provide feedback on the answers they receive, rating them as helpful or not helpful, along with comments. This feedback is used to improve the knowledge and quality of responses continuously.
Helix AI Discord integration demo

Getting Started with Helix Playground

Getting started is a breeze. You can either,

1) Create your own Helix AI bot

To start, click "Create Custom Bot" and follow the steps to train your Helix AI bot on your documentation and website.

You can also explore our featured bots, which are pre-trained on popular topics and platforms, to see the capabilities of the Helix AI bot in action.

Tips for training your bot effectively

Currently, Helix AI can read the following types of documents effectively:

  • GitBook documentation: Best fit for developer communities
  • Long-form content on the website. The websites have to be server-side rendered.
  • GitHub Issues and documentation
  • PDF documents, if they are publicly accessible

We are also bringing the following to Playground very soon:

  • Notion: Currently available to existing customers only
  • Google Docs: Currently available to existing customers only

Integrating Helix AI bot into your support system

If you like what you see in Playground, click on Add Bot to Your Website. This will take you to a form where you can fill in your details, and we’ll contact you.

Helix AI in Action

When the Helix AI bot encounters a question beyond its scope, it seamlessly hands off the query to Helix Ticketing, ensuring your users receive uninterrupted support.

Top use-cases

Our customers utilize our solution in various ways. Here are some of the top use cases of Helix AI:

  • For Discord Support: Unlike typical AI bots deployed in just one channel, the Helix AI bot can be deployed in multiple Discord channels, as it only answers questions it knows and doesn't pollute the feed. One of our clients, OKX, has deployed it in as many as five different channels.
  • Ticketing Integration: Helix AI integrates with Helix ticketing to ensure a smooth handoff to community experts when the user wants to talk to someone or when AI can't answer questions. It also integrates with other support ticketing solutions, such as ZenDesk.
  • Website Integration: Deploying a Helix AI bot on a website takes less than 5 minutes, and it will start answering questions your visitors might have. It can work in two modes:
  • Standalone bot: The bot doesn't hand off to humans if users want to talk to someone.
  • Bot + Human: In this mode, users can request a human to assist them. The bot will hand off to humans and create a ticket in the Helix ticketing system.


At Helix, we are building the future of customer support, combining AI and community-driven assistance to deliver an unparalleled support experience.

We invite you to try Helix Playground and experience the power of our production-ready AI support solution. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of Helix AI, you can provide swift, accurate, and context-aware support to your users, elevating their overall support experience. We look forward to your feedback and are excited to see how Helix Playground can help revolutionize customer support for your community.